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WIFI Plug For 250w HPS & 100w LED


Hi All!

Im wondering is it possible to use a wifi plug to control grow lights?
I havent a clue with electricity & I want to know will this wifi plug work if I had a 250w HPS & 100w LED plugged into an extension block & the block plugged into the wifi plug?
The plug spec is: HS100 | Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug | TP-Link United Kingdom
Working Status
Input voltage
100V- 240V
Output voltage 100-240V
Maximum Load 13A
Maximum Power 2.99KW

Thanks for any & all help!


Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I was thinking that myself, but you know the way some things shouldnt be plugged into an extension block ie extension block into an extension block


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Make sure it is a genuine 2.99 as some state that on sales but when the package arrives they tend to say different.

yeah if got Black Boxes which are timers but also electrical safeguards to it will trip the box in its self before the house ect but even those are max 1000w per side, 2 sides 4 plugs and 2 main plugs in.
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