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Wikipedia Cannabis Articles - We Need Help!


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The cannabis related articles on Wikipedia are currently being overhauled. It seems they are moving in the direction of being somewhat anti-cannabis. Consider that many voters, possibly millions, do use Wikipedia as a significant source of information. It is the number one hit on Google with a search of "marijuana" or "cannabis".

What we need is reliable secondary sources, per wiki's medical source policy, supporting the fact that marijuana does not have many serious harms caused by it (correlation does not imply causation). Primary sources, i.e. actual studies, are not allowed.

Some of the pages being overhauled:

Long-term effects of cannabis - Wikipedia

Medical cannabis - Wikipedia

Effects of cannabis - Wikipedia

If you are a medical professional, researcher, or any individual capable of refuting some of the anti-marijuana information, please do so, and in a respectful manner.

Thank you!

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Wow...with all the 'moving' forward' progress on MJ one would think all the updated progress would be there. Guess 420 will become the leading source for 'facts'. :high-five:
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