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Wildomar City Council Deserves Applause On Medical Marijuana Stance


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
Jennelle Brownley, a medical marijuana activist from Temecula, was present April 28 for the Wildomar City Council meeting. Here is her account and opinion on the night's proceedings:

Best meeting ever! My head is still swimming with information. I saw some old faces and met a lot of new faces.

The crowd spilled out into the hall and everyone stay until the last speaker spoke. The meeting was extended to 10:30 p.m. by unanimous vote. I personally have never experienced so much productive interaction. The crowd lingered in group's discussion after the meeting broke up. There where at least 30 people there when I left at 10:45 p.m. Amazing turn out. Amazing progress.

Councilwoman Sheryl Ade was definitely the MVP of the night. The crowd had to be quieted from the applause and cheers after some of her opinions and comments. But I was impressed with the entire council's attentiveness. All council members where very attentive, genuinely interested, took notes, had questions and were coming up with ideas on the spot, all of which will be expanded over the next few weeks.

The exciting thing is this: Finally, a city council that will at least listen and allow the education process to begin. I think everyone was excited about the amount of superb information that was allowed to be shared. Everyone walked away with some new knowledge. I know I did.

Wildomar City Council was brave enough to face the issue head-on and not hide behind bans and never-ending moratoriums. They put the issue on the agenda, asked the city attorney and city manager to provide them with research and spent two-plus hours in serious discussion during Wednesday's meeting. They deserve recognition!

There was a still valid opposition question: what is will the cost be to create a new ordinance? The city is already under a budget crunch and there are finite about resources.

But in the end, no regulation of medical marijuana is the worst and least safe thing to do for our community and patients.

To this I say, "Pennywise, bound foolish." If the city of Wildomar passes win-win safe access ordinances, they will be one of only two cities to have done so in Riverside County. They will be able to make their own rules, regulate fees and collect taxes. When (and I say when) T&RC2010 passed Wildomar will be sitting pretty, collecting those taxes while all the other cities will be still battling it out. Plus, much money is spent enforcing marijuana laws in Wildomar now... that will go away.

There was a bit of a "wait and see attitude."

The mayor wanted to see what happens in the Anaheim case and the November election. Her point: moving now could be wasted tax dollars that have to be re-spent later. To that, Councilwoman Sheryl Ade said, "Can we afford a law suit?" Great point!

The city of Anaheim has spent thousands trying to enforce its medical marijuana ban, taking it all the way to the California Supreme Court. Does the city of Wildomar have those kinds of tax dollars to spend? I think not.

A very important point was made by one of the activists on-hand for Wednesday's meeting. "They have to represent the voters. That is their job," the activist said.

How surprised do you think the voters are going to be when they wake up in November and realize that all those taxable benefits they just voted for aren't coming to their town? And why? Because their city council says so!

How easy do you think it's going be to regulate after the fact? After the protests? After the vote? The time is now for voters to let their city councils know that not standing behind the voters will cost them their jobs!

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