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will a 3 gallon pot for an auto lowryder be big enough?


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im about to grow my first autoflower. its a fem auto lowryder. i dont really know much about autos and even less about the lowryder strain. all i have is a 3 gallon pot with happy frog soil and the general organics grow box for my nutes. any advice on how to approach this grow would be greatly appreciated. i also just started a fem "the doctor" that i got as a freebie from bonza seed. i have that in a 5 gallon pot with the happy frog soil and the same nutes. once again i know hardly anything about the strain except that it is mostly indica (80% i beleive). also any advice or tips anyone could give me on this grow would also be very helpful. thanks to all!


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Lowryder seeds? Which lowryder strain?

As for pot size, the easiest way is to assume 1 gallon for every 12"/30cm of plant height you expect.

If the breeder says a plant will grow to 90cm/3ft, you should have at least a 3 gallon pot.
If the breeder says 60cm/24" a 2 gallon pot should do, but if you go bigger, it won't hurt.

As for growing an auto it's really easy. Most people set their lights to 18/6 using a timer, and leave them that way until harvest. Other people have good luck using 24 hour lighting, and there's an opinion for every other light schedule as well.

Advice? Everything you need is right here: How to grow!


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For indoor??? 3 should be fine but why not spend a few dollars extra and get 5

I currently have some growing outdoors in 30 gallon pots :)


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this is an outdoor grow. and as far as i know its just plain ol low ryder.
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