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Will I have enough light? Mars TS3000


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Hi all, I’ve recently purchased a new 4x4 tent as well as a Mars TS3000. The TS3000 is advertised as 5x5 Veg /4x4 Flower. I’m going to be growing 4 plants at a time in soil under a SCROG.
Question is do you think the TS3000 will actually be sufficient to grow decent buds and get decent yields in that space? Or do you think I should look into additional lighting? such as t5 side lighting or LED strips etc

Side note: first time QB user and first grow in a couple years.

Any input is greatly appreciated, thx in advance!


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For sure this is the same light I have. This is 3weeks flower just after a major defol. And this is a 5x5 area


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