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Will I Pass My Test? - Another One of Those Threads


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I smoked once on Wednesday evening (it is now Friday) and I am a very infrequent user. The last time I smoked was about two months ago and it a couple joints over a three day period. Before that I hadn't smoked in years.

Coincidentally, I got a job offer that will require a drug test days after I had decided to just relax and have a joint. I smoked close to a half a gram. Maybe a little over half of a half gram joint. It had been two months since I had interviewed for the job so I had considered it a lost cause. The weed was from a recreational clinic and was not of poor quality.

My stats:

175 pnds
Slender, relatively fast metabolism, albeit slightly inactive.

I will have to take the test Tuesday of next week. What is the likelihood of me passing?

I am going to engage in intense cardio until the test. I've heard that I should stop within a 2 day period of the test to avoid releasing more metabolites into my system. How true is this?

Any insight is really appreciated. This is quite literally a dream job kind of offer for me. Losing it because of smoking a drug that is legalized for consumption in my state of residence would be heartbreaking.

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I think you will be fine, especially if its one those swab test ( 48 hours i think)

Girlfriend smoked day before something fell on her foot at work mandatory drug test.

She came home drank bunch of water and LOL Vinegar ughhhh.. anyways passed the test.

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I think there is something else you can do as well to break the test.
I've heard putting something on your finger then piss on your finger and into cup will corrupt data.

Might be something to look up.

But drinking tons of water and like you said sweating up a storm should cleanse any toxins left in your body.


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I also did the Certo method. Worked for me a couple times, failed for me a couple times. It was the only thing I ever did that worked even once, though, so that's the only reason I recommend it. Does put your stomach through hell and back, though. Lots to consider.
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