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Will I Pass? Please Help


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Hey, Im Kelsey
I have a drug test by the end of the day and i've been freaking out over if i'm going to pass or not. The last time i smoked was just over three weeks ago, 23 days to be exact. Before i quit i had been smoking about every other to every two days for a few months.
Advice would be appreciated, i have been taking detox procedures as well. Including drinking a shit ton of water and pickle juice. I also heard that sweating and drinking alcohol helps to detox. I have been doing these procedures for about three days now.
Please Help.


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Re: Will I Pass? PLEASE HELP.

No promises but you should be fine. And for Christ's sake, don't drink pickle juice unless you enjoy it--the water does what you want. Drink lots of it before you go and make sure that your pee is coming out clear. I've taken urine tests the day after smoking and passed. Ideally, I would give my self 1-2 weeks of no smoking for a clean test. There is no need to put yourself through days of detox procedures. Crystal clear piss works wonders.

The whole weed stays in your piss for a month thing is half truth half bs.

Pickle fuggen juice. You poor soul. This is what this madness drives us to.


I have had three tests so far this year and I smoke every evening. I will stop 1-2 weeks before and workout a lot, wear sweats to bed, drink a lot of water and eat fatty foods. Then the day before I don't eat anything and drink lots of water and I have passed every time. Sweating is great as it naturally removes toxins from the body. I hope one day in my lifetime we no longer have to test for weed. It's absolutely absurd. God put it here for a reason :) best of luck to you


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You'll be fine. Drink lots of water, but do not eat a bunch of fatty foods. THC is stored in your fat cells, its an oil. By eating fatty foods you're only adding a blocker to the THC, meaning its going to be harder to burn it off. Cranberry Juice, raw garlic, and tons of water. Also Monster energy drinks have a ton of vitamins and Niacin. Niacin makes you metabolize the THC 100x faster than your body would naturally. Work out when you can to make yourself sweat.

I've had to take over 500 drug tests in the past, probation, parents, and jobs. Never once have I tested dirty and I smoke 15-20 joints a day plus dabs.

Hope everything works out for you!
Much love and respect
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