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Will Marijuana Ever Be Legalized In Alabama?

Jacob Redmond

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According to a study conducted by the General Social Survey, more than half of Americans support the idea of legalizing marijuana.

Data for Alabama was not available for the survey.

While data was not available, state representative Mike Ball says it's unlikely that Alabama will ever legalize recreational marijuana in the state.

Ball says he does not support the general public having access to marijuana but he strongly supports cannabis oil for the sick. Ball is behind Senate Bill 174, also known as Carly's Law.

Passed April 2014, it allows the University of Alabama at Birmingham to conduct a study into the effectiveness of cannabidiol oil to treat seizure disorders. The bill was named in honor of Carly Chandler, 3, of Birmingham, who suffers from a neurological disorder.

Ball says he would like to extend the amount of sick patients in Alabama who have access to cannabis oil. "The longer we delay, the more people have to suffer needlessly. It's very frustrating, it seems very foolish that it's restricted. A lot of times common sense just gets lost in the process," he added.

In June, a vote on Senate Bill 326 the "Alabama Medical Marijuana Patient Safe Access Act" was postponed.

That bill would legalize medical marijuana in Alabama for qualifying patients.

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