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Will move to Maine if I can find doctor for health


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I currently live in Indiana and have discovered that smoking weed has helped me so much it has actually saved my life. The doctors told me I was dying, I had lost 90 pounds because I couldn't eat, nausea, chronicpain, etc. Where is a good place in Maine for a 50 year old widow who needs a good doctor and would prescribe marijuana?


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While I am unfamiliar with Maine's Medical Community I do live in The Ocean State, Rhode Island, where MMJ is Law and many Dr's are using this valuable Medication to treat severe illness and disease. RI has reciprocity between states for Medical Marijuana so come on down we have some of the finest Medical Centers on the East Coast only minutes away.:goodluck:
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I live in Maine & just got my card. There's only one Dr that I know of in the state right now (at least that is widely known) He's an EXTREMELY good Dr. Cares for his patients, does many lectures & education on MMJ. I can't say enough good about Dr. Sulak. Here's his link
Integr8 Health LLC - Leader In Maine Medical Marijuana
He has some really nice videos on this site.
I moved to Maine 3 yrs ago after coming out for a visit. By my 3rd day here I knew I was moving here, so found an apt. before I went home, and moved lock, stock, and barrel 6 weeks later, and am sooo happy I came. Hope this helped. I wish you the best of luck :)


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I would recommend anywhere DownEast Maine if you like the Bold Coast and Ocean availability there is nothing more beautiful. Towns like Cutler, Steuben, Millbridge, Cherryfield,Bar Harbor Biddeford, Orleans, Brooklyn, Blue Hill, Harrington, Machias, East Machias, Danforth, or anywhere near East Grand Lake in the Eastern part of Maine or Moosehead Lake in the Western part. If you go North Allagash is a great place and all the towns from Houlton North along the border and inland are also extremely beautiful. I dream of moving to Maine and building a Log Home in the woods on about 500 acres but will have to put that on my Bucket List. Good Luck brother I have a real estate agent who is the best there (they have buyers agents and that is what you will want to protect yourself and insure a great fit) her name is Deb White and this is her info,
Prudential Northeast Properties
160 Broadway
Bangor, ME 04401
Office: 207-942-8261
E-mail: debwhite59@msn.com
I have used her and trust her completely as she has earned my trust both as a Buyers Agent and plain Real Estate Agent.
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