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Will she heal?


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I cant take pictures but I dropped my light onto my plant and one of her stems didnt snap or anything like its still attached but it wont stand up on its own anymore and it has a slight bent area on the stem like it broke just not all the way through so I was wondering will she heal? or do I have to cut that stem off...shes in flower so i really dont wanna cut it off.


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It should. Supercropping which is usually done in veg is a severe bend almost break and the plants love it. Since you are in flower i think you may loose yield on that site, but She should be fine. :goodluck:


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Heck just straighten her up slap some tape around the owwwy and watch the miracle happen right before your eyes.It will heal itself over a week or two.:thumb:


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Will she heal?
Ill keep it real.
The buds will be fine
and still be da kine.

So do no sweat
shit happens, no need to regret.
the weed will live its resilient
enjoy your smoke, real shit :)
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