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Will these lights work?


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I just planted some seeds, and was wondering if the lights I have will work to get these to seedlings before I plant outside. Basically, 2 standard long fluorescent light bulbs about 3 inches from the top of the pot.

So will this work til I'm ready to transplant?


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No I don't, where can I get quality ones for cheap?

I want to buy at home depot, or something like that...In Canada too


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try a high wattage compact flouresent floodlight [60-105 flor wats == 300-500 reg incand. bulb]

or 50 or 70 watt high pressure sodium security light

have personally seen both items in stock at my local home depot recently


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It'll be fine for now. . . but you'll need to get some more light in there. . which means making a decision on wether to add more of what you have, go with CFL's, or go with your best option and grab an hps. . . The sponsors on this site have some good deals for kits (HPS) I haven't been able to find all of the componets to HPS at any home depot, but I could be wrong. . .

Bagz :peace:
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