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Will this setup work?


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Hi I'm a new grower this will be my first time I'm only going to be growing 1 plant for personal use hydroponically and indoor.
Let's start with a list of products I purchased..
Gemini hydroponic dwc with water feeder
Tent 50x50x100cm
Fan I believe is 125cfm
Light 400w MH and HPS for flowering stage
Seed I'll be using strawberry kush fem
And nutrients floragro

Well the reason I'm having doubts is because of the space between the pot and the light. The pot alone is 47cm in height and with the light hooked up there is literally like 30cm between the pot and the light for the plant to grow.
Another doubt is that my pot is huge I didn't think it would be so big until it arrived didn't research about it enough to be honest (I'll include a pic) I mean the pot could work perfectly fine but I just need some professional reassurance.

Please let me know if this set up is suitable for a healthy plant with great bud. And if there are any things I need to buy e.g a higher tent please include below :)



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I am sure it would work.

But it gives you little room to work with in that tent.

The best thing if you had the room would be to get a bigger tent.

With that size tent you would of been better off with a LED light and a 5galion or single tug DWC. That would of given you more height to work with.

I think all the hydroton is going to be heavy and a pain to work with. It is far more of that then needed.

So it is not the setup I would of picked for the space. But with a lot of plant training you should be able to make it work as long as you can keep the heat down.


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Great setup, yea not much headroom so i would recommend autoflowers maybe from dwarf seeds... Big Yields, Small Plants and if you want Photoperiod then just check the characteristics Seedsman Seeds is reliable and most of there seeds specifys height and yield i also recomment FLORA MICRO and FLORIA BLOOM as a minimum feeding program to go with your Flora Gro one thing i also found out is that Liquid Compost like Hydroguard should also be used to prevent root rot, anyway nice setup and good luck.
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