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will this work?


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My plan is to use 4 plastic tubs,(16"highx21"longx17.5"wide) I have cut 4 holes in each tub lid (5"holes) center of 1 hole to another hole is center is 7"s , the solution required is 15 US gallons for 1 container, I have 2 air lines going through the handle of the tub to aerate the solution that would be kept on 24/7, I have not yet started and have not yet purchased any nutrients, I understand PH is important and PH up/down is a must have, I am going to use 1000 watt HPS lite, with good air flow & fans for circulation, the questions I have are these
first a note ( my tub is dark in color and algae and evaporation should be at a minimum, these tubs are lidded holding the plant in a basket that's just on the nutrients

Do you think this set up could work? Do you have any concerns? anything I should be worried about?
Are the spaces between plants sufficient?
How often do you think I would be required to change the nutes?
Any suggestions on what nutrients would work the best

hoping to hear from someone soon, hope I can get back to this page LOL, to find the answers
thanks for the help & suggestions


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Your setup should work just fine, jusy make sure your tank temps stay below 75. How long to u plan to veg for? With them that close i wouldn't veg too long. I would also add atleast one more air stone. No such thing as too much air in the root zone. As for Nutrients if your new to growing I would suggest something simple like the gen hydro 3 part or gen hydro maxigro and maxibloom. Works great for beginners. Best of luck! Happy growing!
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