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Will this work?


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I'm in need of expansion...My first grow was such a success with my friends that I want to go from 10 to 50 at a time. Well my idea is to buy 12 foot lengths of 10' or 12' pvc and cut a hole evey 14" for a 5" net pot. I should be able to get 10 pots per length of pvc. I'm thinking of having a 55 gallon drum for reservoir and 10 gallon drain/catch with a pump that runs off a float, so I can keep the pvc as low to ground as possible, my biggest concern is for my roots (nutrient build up and root rot). Has any one used or seen this idea before? If so, how were the results?


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Yeah it should work. Home made systems like this have been made for years and have enabled 1000's of growers to harvest tons of meds.lol It's a basic nft system. Your drop should be no more than 1" for every 1.5 to 2 feet unless puddling starts. Then go a little steeper. The idea is for the water to flow over the roots but not too slow where you drown the roots in puddles or too steep that you drag the roots down the channel. I myself would run with a catch basin that's the same size as my res to avoid possible flooding. What happens if your return pump freezes or the line gets clogged from plant matter? Been there, had it happen. Make sure your roots and resevoir stay between 58 and 70df. Too cold and growth halts. Too hot and algea growth and root rot occurs. Use aquarium heaters and chillers to adjust resevoir temps.
I know I'm forgetting something here but it's dinner time. lol
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