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i wanted to kno after u have dry bud.. is there any way, by puttin them back in jars they will be moistioned and have good potentcy?
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but dont leave the orange peels there for long... you'll get mold... it's gross... you're better off using a fresh MJ leaf.... or some lettuce
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thank you guys alot. i wasnt sure what to do.. as Stoner4Life said im already lookin it up in Grow Rooms...i have heard about the orange peel thing...but i dont wanna take the risk of gettin mold on my beautiful buds
Best way to...

re-moisten dry buds? :smokin:

My dispensary seems to only have really dry buds...
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Hi, Pooh. I know someone has a great answer for re-hydrating your bud, but I have used an apple or an orange. Put it in the bag until the smoke feels moist or their is no moisture left in the apple/orange.

Pooh, if you are getting dry buds consistently at the clubs, you should mention it to the management. Something as simple as poor packaging can make it dry. Some of the potency is lost when it dries out, and you have every right to buy the very best. You're paying for it with your money.

I always ask the employees whats the best that day, or whats the freshest. Some clubs do not let you open or smell the buds, and I do try to avoid those clubs. Lol, but nothing wrong with a little sneaky squeeze just to make sure it's not dry.

Make sure to bring it to the Manager's attention how you feel (lol, I do.). There may be a simple remedy and they appreciate your comments. If not, try to find another one that is more accomodating to you. Best wishes.

Peace and happiness
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Ms. Pooh.. just a small piece of apple or even potato.. like an eighth inch square is about all you'll need. Too much can cause mold.

And as Ms Kitty says.. speak up and if it doesn't improve take you business elsewhere.

:cheesygrinsmiley: :peace:
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man, there used to be a great thread sticked in this forum i think

a how to hydrate your buds guide with pictures

but to some up, put it in a glass jar, buds in the jar, put tinfoil over the top and poke lots of holes in it, then put your favorite fruit skin shavings on top of the tinfoil, reseal airtight and let sit for 24ish hours

your buds smell and taste great afterwards, but too much of a good thing always leads to bad things in this case, mold
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Thanks! I'll give the fruit a try.:cheesygrinsmiley: I'm new to the 'clubs' and a bit intimidated by the whole thing. I also live where the is only one club within 50 miles! :thedoubletake: I will however sneak a squeeze and speak up next time. :bong:
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Strawberries work pretty good too and pretty much any fruit that has some moisture. All just depends on preferences. How is it with bananas?
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take a Q-tip and wet both ends.. damp.. then stick up under a tubberware with ur weed in it.. overnight it will be great to smoke!
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