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Win Free UFO LED Grow Light - Guess the Score of World Cup

Twilight LED

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Hi All

Twilight LED come with discount again. :bravo:

For the coming final game of Germany VS Argentina, we will provide the some FREE LED Grow Light for the grower in 420 Magzine who can guess the right score.

Here is the game rule, please post your score with this thread

:thumb:The Top 5 growers who guess the right score, Twilight company will provide 1pcs FULL Spectrum 135w(45x3w) LED Grow Light FREELY with FREE Shipping!
:thumb: For other growers who guess the right score, Twilight company will provide 40% Discount if you buy the FULL Spectrum 135w(45x3w) LED Grow Light from our website in Jul.

135w UFO LED Grow Light----http://www.twilightgroups.com/show-product-143-252.html

This game is only for growers in United States from 420magazine , ( other area will have other games with discount in the future). One grower have just one chance. the dead line of this game is 3pm 13th Jul. 2014 (US TIME).

If you are the lucky guy in Top5, please send the real info. of yourself, include the address, phone No. and email to our email address sales@twilightgroups.com ( All info. must be belong United States), our staffs will contact you and arrange the shipping within 7working days.
We sincerely hope everybody who get the lamps can share their happiness and grow journal on the 420mag. :Namaste:

ALL grower!!! let's cheer with World Cup! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

Twilight LED :thanks:


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i got these numbers in my email...

here are some details of this lamp for review.
* 1pcs 135w(45x3w) UFO LED Grow Light
* Size: D270*60mm.
* Plug: US plug.
* Color of housing: Black.
* Lighting area: 48"*48" at 40" height.
* Ratio: FULL Spectrum with
UV 380nm 1PCS
IR 730nm 1PCS
White 6500K 3PCS
Blue 440NM 6PCS
Blue 460NM 8PCS
Yellow 580NM 2PCS
Orange 610NM 3PCS
* 3years warranty time

looks good,will update as needed
take care and good luck all of you
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