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WIN Greenhouse Seeds Kalashnikova - 2 Prizes from Gorilla Seeds

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I grew their Big Bang. Fine indica, trouble free grower, with nice flavor & high!

Pat Puffer

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I would rather enjoy running a legit company's seeds in a few of my outdoor spots. I would enjoy seeing what their genetics can do in my soil. I see what my inbred progeny can accomplish. I could only imagine what a real breeder's product would do. Good luck to everyone.


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I probably financed a short vacation (or two) back when the late Nevil Schoenmakers was still involved with the company, but haven't bought anything from it since he got fed up and split. I wouldn't mind trying their AK-47 cross. The original AK-47, from Simon at Serious Seeds, was rated one of the top five (or, depending on who you asked, ten) commercially-available strains in the world for a while after it was introduced.
10 years ago I grew their super lemon haze. Now growing their Franco’s Lemon Cheese. Hell yeah id grow more of GH genetics.

Bob Loblaw

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Sitting in a greenhouse next to Arjans Haze
I had a Big Bang Super Critical White Rhino kind of gaze
It seemed my Super Bud Jack Herer was in the Haze Mist
Damn Sour I thought that must be Lemon Skunk Exodus Cheese if you get the gist
Or a Bubba Kush Chemdog Train Wreck to the knees
No sweat I thought I've AMS Green-O-Matic and Kings Kush if you please
Well that K Train hit like Arjens Ultra haze
Or was that Super Lemon or Super Silver haze
I took my Diamond Girl to the top of Kaia Kush
To witness Moby Dick Great White Shark from a Himalayan Gold kinda bush
Ladyburn 1974 Pure Kush The Church all in Hawaiian Snow
El Nino pushed Franco's Lemon Cheese Arjans Strawberry Haze and Sweet Valley Kush into the know.

edit; I had to move exodus...missed a couple I guess
Did I miss any? :48:
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Frigault's Genetics

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I have never tried greenhouse seeds. I've seen the name around and the strain name and the seed bank under the same name often. I'm always looking at variety from grow house every day and wish i coild try them all. Impossible task to many strain in the world. But i'm allways down to try new strain and see the potential and recommend it to friends when i like what i see... Good luck on the winners sounds like a good deal


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I have spent the last week trying to locate a white widow sativa mix. The banks I normally order from are sold out or won't/can't ship to US currently. Local dispensaries have run dry on varieties good for PTSD and anxiety. I give it away to friends and family with medical need but my stock is running low. Wish I knew bought this place before I ordered lambs bread from a new (to me) seed bank,hoping it was a viable substitute.
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