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Windsor Attorney Allegedly Grew Pot


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A prominent Windsor attorney who asked Fish and Wildlife wardens to investigate a dead deer on her property has been charged with felony cultivation of marijuana.

Martha M. Davis, 61, was cited to appear in White River Junction District Court next month after a Fish and Wildlife warden smelled and saw marijuana at her home while he was investigating the dead deer complaint.

According to Col. Robert Rooks of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, more than two pounds of marijuana was found at Davis' Hoisington Hill Road home Wednesday. Davis will be arraigned on Nov. 27.

Warden Stephen Majeski had been called to investigate the dead deer complaint. Majeski said Friday that he smelled marijuana and then saw stalks and a large marijuana bud while on Davis' property.

Majeski and fellow game warden Wayne Dengler returned with a search warrant and found 32 plants inside a special growing room at Davis' home.

Rooks said it wasn't unusual for game wardens to be involved in drug enforcement cases. Breaking fish and wildlife laws often go hand in hand with breaking drug laws, Rooks said.

At the same time, the chief warden said, game wardens spend much of their time out in the woods and encounter illegal plots of marijuana.

"People who violate game laws, violate other laws," he said.

Rooks said that growing marijuana emits a strong smell.

"It's almost a sweet smell," Rooks said. "You can smell it 100 yards away."

Majeski also saw some stalks, and part of a plant, Rooks said, prompting him to return to Davis' residence with a search warrant. The wardens were assisted by the Windsor Police Department and a Vermont State Police officer.

Rooks said the smell that prompted Davis to call the warden turned out to be the guts from a deer. It is now bow season, Rooks said.

By the time Majeski got to Davis' home, the hunter had removed the deer.

Davis, who has a law office on Main Street in downtown Windsor, faces two felony charges: Cultivation and possession. Rooks said the wardens uncovered no evidence of trafficking, although he said the amount of marijuana found was more than one person would consume.

Davis at one point in her career has been town moderator and has represented several towns over the years.

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Source: The Rutland Herald (Rutland, VT)
Author: Susan Smallheer
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Copyright: 2007 Rutland Herald
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