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Winner Of Vancouver Company's Contest Will Score A Year's Supply Of Medical Marijuana

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Canada - Can a gram a day keep the doctor away? The need for free weed has led a Vancouver company called Lift to launch a contest in which a somebody can win a gram of medical pot a day for a full year. According to Lift's David Brown, the pot giveaway is open to anyone who has a doctor's note for a medical marijuana prescription and registers by July 18. "One winner will be selected randomly in a digital name-in-the-hat-type selection," he said Wednesday of the promotion.

And Brown adds that while Lift's website promotes the use of medical marijuana and since they're not a distributor, they can run a contest that promotes pot use. "We are not affiliated with anyone," said Brown. Lift says the contest is open to any Canadian residents who are the age of majority in their province or territory (excluding Quebec). A valid prescription for medical marijuana is needed and it needs to be dated before July 18. Brown said Lift is running the contest because some patients in Canada can't afford the cost of pot to help their affliction. Lift does not grow or sell medical marijuana and they do not supply it.

Brown points out the aim of Lift is to help consumers and producers of marijuana understand the new pot rules in place in Canada. "Our dream is for all adults in Canada to have timely access to high quality, safe, and ethical marijuana at a price that's honest and affordable," notes the company website. "We want Canada to set an example for the rest of the world; to show how marijuana can change lives and transform economies."

Lift, according to the website, is comprised of a group of individuals experienced in the medical marijuana industry. Their aim is to help Canadians get some information to properly research and buy marijuana from Canada's licensed producers. "Our goal at Lift is to promote the production and consumption of high quality and ethical Canadian marijuana offered at affordable prices to Canadians. We intend to do this through a continuous appraisal of Canada's marijuana strains and the companies that produce them," Lift's website stresses.


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