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Winter Is Coming & The Night Is Dark & Full Of Terrors


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Threw 6 Higgs Boson F2 seeds that were gifted to me earlier this year into some vermiculite and a top layer of sand and watered. You can say it... pure genius.


Just check that wet sand out!
Fuck yeah.


Threw some saran wrap over that shit like a FUCKING BOSS and put it on the heat mat next to the ice cube tray full of fresh hot pepper seeds. Those fuckers will keep it hot this winter for sure, they'll be soaking up the perimeter light in the tent.

So I guess its Day 0 for the Higgs Boson F2 seeds.


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Winter is just starting. A nice and calm 21 degrees this morning before the snow starts falling. Winter eats heat the way darkness swallows light. The terrors of failed power and frozen stems are stymied with fire, smoke and white ash.


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Just look at them go in their new home!!! They're reaching quite a bit since the light is a few feet away....I'll be fixing that soon...I don't mind stretching for now.

3 total! One sprang up over night after I put water in the base of the humidity dome and closed the vents.

Still no hot peppers popping up....


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A few days behind, so let me catch it all up;


A few hot peppers popped up and so I transplanted them from the ice cube tray to small pots:


Anyway, back to the cannabis:

The 2 are still going strong, I thought one was dying but not so far!



Just look at those two!

Group shot about 2 days later after the previous pics! ...with chives in the background, 2 cannabis and 3 hot peppers!




Still going strong...and a day after these pics or so the rest popped up, which im transplanting right now!


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Had a little mishap with the computer and lost some pics, but let me catch you up....not much to miss anyway they are still only a few months old.




This hot pepper plant :)

And a few days later, I took these 2 pics to show the "tent" which is just a few rolls of mylar hung and stapled in the corner of a room. Works great. The tent is about 8ft x 11ft x 10 ft tall. The LEDs are fixed so I just use milk crates to bring them closer to the light. I decided with all the space I will be doing some LST and attempting a crappy SOG without the net.




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For some reason they started budding on a 20hr on and 4 hr off schedule and FOUR turned out to be males...so I cut them at night since its easier for me to work right when the light goes out. (Told you the night is dark and full of terrors):rip::rip::rip::rip:....so I don't have much time right now so I just decided to cut over to flower, they are a good size. I am wondering if the small 1gal pots were getting too root bound and hence just starting to flower...not sure.

Anyway, I up-potted to 5 gals and fed them about 20mL of a 3-part system and some vitamin/amino acids and humus mix. Tied them down with a thumb tack and some dental floss.

I mentioned earlier that I would do a crappy LST so here it is on Day 1, Hour 1 :


Fan and a mess on the floor


Heres where they are at today, I tightened them down a bit now that they have settled into their 45 degree angle lol Notice how the lower branches are already starting to shoot right up...I may also train them towards the pot (right side of pic) for max light efficiency.


Front plant.

Back plant.
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