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Winter Is Coming! The Quest For The Iron Throne! A High Brix Quadline Breeding Project!


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Mr. Magoo

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You really dig up some good beans Magoo. One thing i did like about Ig was all the breeders.
I’ve learned a lot there about the genetics that are out there and ones that are harder to find. I don’t know why I keep buying....I just come across ones that stick in my mind until I pull the trigger. Lol. Really need to stop though. I scored some good stuff from the Black Friday sales too. Lol. Some great stuff!!

Mr. Magoo

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Nah. I was tempted by the freebies. But there were things I had my eye on already and was just hoping they would be on sale. There is a strain called Pure Michigan that is a collaboration between 3rd Coast and Thugpug. Lemme see if I can find a pic. Here is Pure Michigan..
I also got some stuff from twenty20 Mendocino....Bad Girl and SFV OG Kush. Here are a couple pics of bad girl.

I did refrain somewhat. Lol. Neptune seedbank has a great deal on some Thugpug gear. And California Seedbank has some Skunkmaster Flex gear for half off. That’s rare. The Donny Burger looks amazing.

Mr. Magoo

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:thumb:Very impressive Magoo, You have definitely done your homework and have gone big.:11:
Thanks Dynamo!! Your DDA is still my favorite plant I’ve grown so far. Such a beauty!

Mr. Magoo

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There’s this one guy I follow on IG and he has some genetics that were gifted to him by Oldtimer1 who helped with providing some of the genetics that ended up becoming Skunk. He’s crossed an impressive Skunk male with a lot of old old old school genetics recently and released some of these. They are expensive. But I’m waiting for the Skunk x Skunk. Lol. I’m sure they will be high but it will be far superior than a lot of the the Skunk strains out there because it won’t be so diluted. When he does release some I may see if any of you guys would want to go in on some of them with me.


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if any of you guys would want to go in on some of them with me.
A lot of what I would wish for I could afford 1 seed but not a pack, I know that I could be a serious seed addict so continually steel myself against it. I have seed strains received and not yet grown and promises of future seeds coming my way. That said Mr Magoo I'm in :woohoo:

Van Stank

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That Pugs Breath comes with a cough. It’s not a harsh smoke at all but it has pulled a cough out of the chests of some of the most seasoned smokers I know. Lol. The Gorilla Glue has been the favorite smoke of the 3 indoor strains I grew this time. All 3 are great though. But......the Stankberry wins this round for sure. @Van Stank you have something special there. Mine had blueberry terps which set it apart. As well as being my only outdoor victory this year. I’ve had multiple people say it’s some of the best herb they’ve had in years. That’s a compliment coming from these heads. I wish I was able to have featured them a bit more in my journal. I will one day for sure. Hope I can find another blueberry in there.

Side note...got some Indiana Bubblegum en route.

Side side note....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
Very pleased to hear that you got a Blueberry pheno! Secondly very pleased to hear that it was well received by those there that have had it. I can tell you that the first one I grew was special....electric with an amazing smell of blueberry muffins. My brain doctor buddy still has it as his all time favorite hybrid. Its my favorite hybrid...but of course I didn't take a clone... :rolleyes:

Should have kept the male and should have kept a clone of her.


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This skunk you are referring to, who is it that is putting it out? A breeder I follow on IG has been posting lately about a guy that has popped up and has been claiming he has real RKS skunk seeds and how he would avoid him. He has been working on breeding a skunk plant and always goes into details about how even Bodhi, Duke Diamond and Stray have not been able to produce a real RKS skunk via seeds. The guy is pretty well respected in the community it seems and he has a point. I would have a hard time dropping a bunch of money on genetics that were supposed to have disappeared 2 decades ago just about when an unknown pops up with them out of no where.

If this happens to be the seeds you mentioned and you decide to get them anyways, let me know how it goes! I would love to have a legit RKS going and I know a few other members that would as well!


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