Winterization of BHO

Winterization is a process that removes plant waxes, fats, and lipids from your bho creating a very hard clear amber shatter.

For this example I used some flaky yellow stuff I had laying around.

I then pour 190 proof everclear (has to be 190 proof or it wont work very good) into the container. (enough to cover the hash) Let the hash dissolve in the everclear. Stir lightly if needed. once it is dissolved its time to put it into the freezer for 48 hours. After 48 hours when you take it out it should have some cloudy white stuff that formed and might even have created a solid mass depending on the amount of hash.


now its time to filter it out. i fix a coffee filter to the top of a frozen jar and filter the liquid in


this will be a slow process dont force it. Once its filtered into the jar its time to dispose of the filter and its contents and change the filter


and then filter back into the dish. again this will take a long time dont force it.


once your liquid is back into the container dispose of the filter and its time to evaporate out the alcohol. Put the dish somewhere warm to evaporate or use a heating pad. this will take a couple of days so I cover mine with some cheese cloth to protect from dust and hair and whatnot.


Once its all out it will be quite clear and hard


I use a small razor blade to scrape it out because again it is quite hard


And once it is all scraped out Flatten it out on parchment paper and let it dry out til its hard as rock or if it is a lot put it on a slick matt and vac at -29Hg@140*F until it is nice and hard.


This amber shatter is much easier on the lungs and tastes great.
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