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Wisconsin AG Opposes Legalizing Medical Marijuana


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MADISON (WPR) Wisconsin's attorney general says the current proposal to legalize pot for medicinal purposes in the state will create serious problems for law enforcement.

The attorney general's office was one of only five groups who testified against the Medical marijuana bill introduced this month in the state legislature, while more than 100 people registered in favor of it. But Attorney General JB Van Hollen says the bill is seriously flawed and will create a nightmare for law enforcement agencies trying to enforce current drug laws. He says legalizing medical marijuana, "gives the benefit of the doubt to almost all marijuana users, manufacturers and dealers," making it more difficult for police to arrest real offenders.

But advocates for the bill, including Gary Storck of Madison disagree. Storck heads the group Is My Medicine Legal. He says the bill requires medicinal users to sign up on a registry that law enforcement can easily monitor, and makes it clear who can posses and grow marijuana legally.

Storck says Van Hollen should look at states like Michigan where police haven't had major problems.

Wisconsin could become the 14th state to legalize medical pot. But in addition to the attorney general, there are some powerful groups lined up against it, including the Medical Society of Wisconsin which represents the majority of doctors in the state.

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Dr's are against this ??? The A.M.A. already spoke out FOR it in other states!! :roorrip:


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"making it difficult to arrest real offenders." wuh?? how about all those drunk drivers that kill thousands of people every year. way to go law enforcement!
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