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Woman 'Cleansing Air, Not Spraying Cannabis'

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A SYDNEY "energy healer" accused of helping her sons cultivate $2 million in cannabis was energetically cleansing the air, not spraying the plants with pesticide, a court has been told.

Gilla Mogilevsky, 53, is facing committal proceedings in Sydney's Central Local Court over the cultivation of the cannabis in three homes, including her own residence, on Sydney's north shore.

Police uncovered the hydroponic systems in homes in St Ives following a tip-off in early 2006.

One of Ms Mogilevsky's sons, Aitan Mogilevsky, 25, told the court he and his brother had tried to keep the crop a secret.

When their mother found out, they fought bitterly and she threatened to move out.

Video footage from one of the homes shows Ms Mogilevsky, a devotee of Kabbalah - a mystical Jewish movement - spraying liquid, which police alleged to be pesticide or herbicide, into the air.

But Aitan said he had seen his mother do similar things before.

"She was spraying to ... energetically cleanse the air, the area, the person, that sort of thing," he told Magistrate Jayeann Carney.

Aitan had pleaded guilty to cannabis cultivation and was released on parole last month, he told the court.

The hearing continues.

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