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Woman Pleads To Drug Charge


The survivor of a drug-related shooting that left three men dead in rural Blanchardville nearly a year ago pleaded guilty Monday in Lafayette County Circuit Court to helping run a drug house.

In return for her guilty plea, authorities will recommend that Jeanna Fandrich, now Jeanna Jones, receive no jail time.

Fandrich, 29, and her husband, Brad Fandrich, were living in a converted cheese factory last March when two men and a woman burst into the residence, planning to steal marijuana. Brad Fandrich shot and killed the two men, then killed himself while being interviewed by deputies.

It took several months but the two survivors, Jeanna Fandrich and one of the robbers, a woman, 23, were charged with felonies. The woman, who drove away from the shooting scene where her boyfriend died, faces numerous charges in various jurisdictions.

Lafayette County District Attorney Charlotte Doherty said Fandrich agreed to plead guilty if the county agreed to not charge her with "any of the other charges we could have charged in connection with drug crimes that went on in that house, and we would not recommend a prison sentence."

Fandrich "further agreed to testify against any other individuals who might be charged in the future for drug crimes that occurred in her home," Doherty said.

The charge against Fandrich carries a maximum sentence of 1 1/2 years in prison plus two years of extended supervision, and a $10,000 fine.

Fandrich told investigators she knew her husband was growing marijuana in a secret basement room and helped him grow and process it, according to the criminal complaint.

Doherty said her office is working with state and federal authorities on potential drug-related charges in connection with the Blanchardville case.

Two young men, Jaeson C. Shepard and Eddie E. Harris, were fatally shot by Brad Fandrich at the house. The two conspired with the 23 year old female, and a man, 22, to steal the marijuana, according to court records.

The woman faces felony charges of theft and burglary, along with bail-jumping, drug possession and traffic charges. Her longtime lawyer, William Remington, drowned Dec. 15 while on vacation in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

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