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Women's Medical Marijuana Group Prepares For Court


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WAMM To Argue Benefits Of Pot For Chronic Pain Sufferers

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - The Women's Alliance For Medical Marijuana is heading to court over the use of pot to help ease chronic pain.

The case is similar to one involving Angel Raich, of Oakland. She sued the federal government over the right to smoke medical marijuana. Raich

dropped her case last week.

Police never arrested Raich, but the WAMM collective was raided by federal agents.

When WAMM goes to court in July, it will present three arguments, according to WAMM co-founder Valerie Corral. The first involves due process

and the right to access to medicine if it's the only thing that will keep someone alive. The second involves the 10th Amendment and allows the city

the right to provide marijuana as a medicine to the community. Finally, they will argue what they call the "necessity defense."

The case is scheduled to be heard July 13 in San Jose District Court.

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