World Goes Up In Smoke Each April 20th


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Tomorrow seems like just another day to the average person, but to a number of people, tomorrow’s date marks a special occasion where all responsibilities and worries go up in smoke.

Why is there such a fuss about April 20? Why do all the slackers always seem to hype this date? When April 20 finally comes around they are nowhere to be found. What are they doing?

Perhaps they are just taking a day of rest to stay inside, take it easy and study.

However, this doesn’t seem likely considering the origins of 420 (it’s pronounced “four-twenty,” not “four hundred and twenty”). April 20 is called 420 because April is the fourth month of the year, and it’s the twentieth day of the month.

Supposedly, a dozen California high school students used 420 to refer to the time they would meet around a statue. They eventually turned it into a slang term referring to marijuana so teachers and parents wouldn’t understand what they were talking about.

Throughout the years, the term has spread like a wildfire.

It no longer seems to be an underground term that teachers and parents don’t understand.

People have taken the origins of 420 out of context. The term has many theories about its origin.

To put the urban legends to rest, a review of false origins is needed.

People might believe that the term is used as a police dispatch to refer to marijuana use. A review of police dispatch codes revealed that 420 is not a police radio code for anything, anywhere.

Another false origin is the thought that there are 420 chemicals in cannabis. However, there are only about 315 active chemicals in cannabis, according to High Times.

Some say that it started because the Grateful Dead would only stay in room 420 while touring. This, however is also false, according to Grateful Dead Productions spokesman Dennis McNally.

Whatever the reason for making April 20 a worldwide cannabis smoking day, doesn’t matter. It just is, and that’s enough reason to fly to Amsterdam and partake in the festivities. It’s a day of peace, happiness and paranoia.

The day is not meant to be a rebellious, lawbreaking celebration — but people are certainly breaking the law if they are in possession of Ms. Mary Jane.

Rather, the day should be thought of as a day to relax and enjoy the gifts that Mother Earth and the shady dude on the corner have provided.

April 20 is not only a day of greatness but also has negative connotations. It is the birth date of Adolf Hitler. It is also the anniversary of the Columbine school shootings in Littleton, Colo.

Every pothead worldwide will embrace 420 tomorrow. Look around when the clock strikes 20 past four and you will most likely notice that a number of your peers have dipped out of class for a quick toke.

If your friend next to you reeks of smoke tomorrow, try not to think twice about it. If you notice a red-eyed kid munching on Cheez-Its next to you, again, don’t think twice.

So tomorrow when it’s 4:20 p.m., just think — there are people all over the central time zone lighting up their joints, bowls, bongs or whatever unique contraption they have thought up.

Enjoy the day and be careful.

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Source: The Daily O'Collegian (OK)
Author: Greg Gotcher
Copyright: 2007 The Daily O'Collegian
Website: The Daily O'Collegian :: Oklahoma State University
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