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World's Largest Dispensary Offers Bonus For Marijuana Activism

Jim Finnel

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Inside the place billed as the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the world, a cheerful "membership services manager" named Goose Duarte extols the many holistic services.

There is a naturopathic primary care doctor, acupuncture, chiropractic care, yoga and Reiki, Japanese spiritual healing defined as "universal life force energy."

There are also about 60 safety-tested and potency-labeled California marijuana strains.

The Harborside Health Center, opened in October, 2006, now boasts 47,000 registered medical marijuana patients at its original Oakland location and a new dispensary in San Jose.

It was founded by Steve DeAngelo, a former Hemp products importer, and Dave Wedding Dress, a peace and anti-nuclear activist. Yes, that's his real name.

On an average day at the Oakland center, 800 people will snake through orderly lines to reach dispensary staff who will find the weed of their choice.

"We've brought the highest standards of both professionalism and activism to the medical cannabis community," DeAngelo says.

Not only is Harborside is a center for medical marijuana advocacy, but there is a bonus for those who take up the cause.

Harborside offers a free gram of medical pot a week for every hour volunteered in support of issues on behalf of medical marijuana patients, Duarte says.

"We want all our patients know they are ambassadors for the movement," Duarte said.

For an inside tour of Harborside in Oakland, click below.

YouTube - Welcome to Harborside Health Center

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