World's Oldest Cannabis Seed Bank Honors 73 Year French Activist With Own Variety

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World’s Oldest Cannabis Seed Bank Honors 73 year French activist with own variety​
Dutch company Sensi Seeds, the world’s oldest and most respected cannabis seed bank, pays official homage to Michka Seeliger-Chatelain with their latest sativa seed strain Michka.

Through her significant impact in in the cannabis community, Michka, has become known as the Grande Dame of cannabis. Since 1978 she has published numerous books on the subject, including the seminal, Medical Cannabis, which has sold more than 47,000 copies – and is published in both French and English.

Sensi Seeds dedicates their new seed variety in tribute to Michka’s ‘role as an author and activist for over forty years’. This continues a longstanding tradition in which Sensi dedicates varieties to cannabis pioneers and heroes such as Jack Herer, Ed Rosenthal, and Howard Marks. Michka will be the first woman to be celebrated in this fashion by the company.

Sensi Seeds is known for their Jack Herer® variety, a strain chosen by the Dutch government to develop the pharmaceutical standard for medicinal marijuana.

As cannabis continues to grow in acceptance and legality in many countries, the focus on quality is continually emphasized. Each strain has its own unique properties, some are soothing and relaxing, while others are stimulating and energetic. Michka says she ‘hates herbs that fog up my mind’. That is why the Michka® strain that bears her name favors a ‘very clear stimulating effect, one conducive to creativity’. The seed variety will be released on November 10th, at the annual Cannafest Fair in Prague, along with a celebration of the Grande Dame of Cannabis herself.

Once released, the seeds will be available for purchase as a limited edition product at

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