World's Smallest Solo Cup Grow

they suck..i lost 10 seedlings also..think they were in my worm castings cause i got my soil straight..then i added new castings and the trouble began.

Ouch! Ten seedlings? That's a massacre. That's like $100 worth of seeds, jeeze mun that's brutal. I lost 3 or 4 a few months back... I went with straight promix afterwards aswell, I guess buds love poop.

KiG :green_heart:cheers
Yes this is sad..i took them out and trying to get a tap root going again. Most of them got eaten..i have 3 that i see that might make it..
there called deep blue auto from seedman ..still have some that were ok...oh well..its rare but it happens right..
I love small cannabis:cheer::cheer:so cute.
Seems really healthy ...getting some new branch growth..i water her once a day and foiler feed daily right now..

Thanks brother..hopfully this one stays shorter than the far its looking that way..cutting the roots off the bottom helped im sure..thats how they grow bonzi trees .so i guess its a bonzi

I've not peeked in here for a moon or three. Fun to see new plants going. The photo using the quarter as a size reference.... awesome!
So im a little confused . I was wondering. How do you plan to flower it in such a small cup. Doesn't it need more room for root growth or it will be stunted? Im just really interested in this and would love to how the concept you are going by :) the plant is looking good though :) growing fast

First LED Grow Tent

well it will get root bound soon..then i will foiler feed her through the rest of the grow..will me switchin to 12/12 soon..should be a little stretch..
but yes its going to be a mini skunk...but it will bud..
go to the beginning..seeee the first one i done..plants got to 24 inches in that little cup..peace !!
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