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Worldwide Marijuana March 2008 - Los Angeles

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On Saturday, May 3rd, I went to the Million Marijuana March with 420 Magazine founder, Rob Griffin and our good friend, Andi. We arrived to see a man standing on the corner holding a sign that read, “Honk for Hemp!” Once we got parked and walked over to where he was, a group of people had shown up including Sister Somayah with her megaphone. We were greeted with warm hellos and thanks for coming and then directed to the parking lot of a gas station where everyone was gathering. As we were waiting for the march to start, we struck up a conversation with a cool cat named Eric. The four of us ended up hanging out for the rest of the march and rally.

By the time we were ready to start, a total of about 50 people had shown up to march. We started walking down Crenshaw Blvd a few minutes after 1 pm, complete with a police escort. The march itself was lead by two men holding a banner. One of the men, I later realized was blind. And bringing up the tail was a line of cars that included Sister Somayah standing in the sunroof of one of them chanting and cheering the whole way.

There were three groups of people holding three separate banners. Those who weren’t holding a banner were holding signs saying, “Get Legalized!” or whatever else they had brought to the march with them. There were a couple guys holding marijuana leaf sculptures and one man with a scooter hooked up to a wagon that was decorated in cannabis awareness. One car went a little honk happy but I think I just felt that way because I was walking right in front of it!

We received a whole lot of cheers and honks from people driving by on the opposite side of the road. Some were even taking pictures. One car had a camera man that filmed us as they drove by. I only once heard a lady yelling negative comments, she was told to smoke a joint and she’d feel better. I was greatly amused by this. There were also people who came out of buildings that we passed just to cheer us on. There were even a few that got so excited and into cheering for us, I couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t just join the march. Even so, it felt good to see such a positive response.

We ended up at Leimert Park. There were a few more people already waiting there, with a booth that had facts and information about cannabis and hemp. They set up a microphone and Sister Somayah said a few words before passing it to a friend.

During this time, I couldn’t help but to feel a little sad to see so few people turn out for such an important march. Remembering all the people honking and cheering, but no one pulling over to join us. And I realized that it’s one thing to stand on the sidelines and cheer, but it’s quite another to actually walk in the march. Those people standing on the sidewalk watching us pass by will never get to feel the sense of pride that I got to feel that day. Pride in myself for finally taking a stand on something I believe in, and tremendous pride in all of those who also showed up to stand for what they believe in. I applaud those who fight for their rights and the rights of countless others. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it, and I’m glad I can count myself in on this one.

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Great story and pics! Even though your numbers may not have been as big as they should've been, the work by those who did show will help spread the message. Thanks for sharing this!


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hey (I'm the cool cat Eric).

Yeah, I met Rob the President of this site there. We chilled and medicated before the March started. I live in Riverside, and when I heard about the March, (I was like I wouldn't miss it for the world.)

Even though not that many people showed up. ( I think because i think the advertising could of been organized a little better.) It was an amazing experience that I'll will never forget.

As I marched with that yellow sign, (picture above, brown shorts, black shirt) I never felt So GOOD stand up for what I believe in, I could here the people cheering and honking of approval, and for once second as we marched, so proud, with a sign in one hand and a joint on the other.....I finally felt free!!! .

I've been a medical marijuana user for 2 years now, and I hope that one day, every sick person who needs medical marijuana would not have to be scared of arrest, in taking a medicine that has never killed anyone, with thousand of fact proving it medicinal, economic and industrial etc..... and much more the the many benifits we would have it we make this plant legal.

Here in california... us medical marijuana patients have it easier,....

I marched on May 3, 2008, for all the other 38 stated the medicinal cannabis is illegal and every other person around the world who are still getting persecuted for cannabis.

The days are getting closer...... and I can't wait.... LEGALIZE IT!!!!!!!!!!!


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i wonder how many of the folks cheering were afraid of coming out and losing their jobs
Probably most of them and a lot more. There's such a stigma attached to Cannabis use, whether for medical necessity or pleasure. We're so repressed and scared by the draconian laws. To all of you who attended and openly showed your support - thank you!! :peace::smokin:


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It was the Million Marijuana March of 99 in NY that opened my eyes to what NORML and other legitimate organizations were doing to legalize medical marijuana.It fell on Saturday , May 1st 1999 four years to the day that I had been in my car accident.As I sat there listening to all the speaches that made so much sense,I wondered what I could do to make a difference.Fast forward nine years and I'm doing the news for a worldwide cannabis awareness site.Even though we have X amount of members at a given time,there are thousands of "lurkers" reading the news everyday.So I wanted to thank Rob(420)for the oppertunity to spread the measage,and everyone else for living the measage.

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Probably most of them and a lot more. There's such a stigma attached to Cannabis use, whether for medical necessity or pleasure. We're so repressed and scared by the draconian laws. To all of you who attended and openly showed your support - thank you!! :peace::smokin:
This is very true. There were more than a few times where someone was getting really excited on the sidewalk and people in the march were waving at them to join us, many invitations were given, all were turned down with one excuse or another. One man did actually join us near the end but he disappeared by the time we got to the park so I'm not sure if he had been serious or joking around when he joined us. Maybe a little of both.

I think a lot of people are still too scared to stand up for themselves when it comes to marijuana, so it takes people like us to start informative websites, to participate in marches, to fight the good fight for them. As Eric said, I marched on May 3rd not just for myself, but for the countless others who weren't able to do so themselves. Either because they were too scared, or they live in a town that doesn't allow them to, or they were just physically unable to.

That's why I joined this movement, because I was tired of hearing everyone complain about the unfairness of it all, but doing nothing to change it. I was tired of feeling unable to doing anything about it myself. So I went to where I COULD do something about it, and for the first time in my life, I am completely sure that I'm exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing and I've never felt more free. And I want to applaud everyone on this site for doing the same. You guys are awesome and I hope I get to meet more of you at future marches... or if all goes well this year, celebration parties! :439:
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It saddens me deeply to announce that Sister Somayah passed on Thanksgiving 2008.

I feel honored to have walked the streets of Compton with her in her last Marijuana March of her life. She was a true Cannabis Warrior and will be missed dearly.

More about her is on her site, please drop by and sign her guest book with condolences.
Sister Somayah Kambui's Hemp Is Hep - Crescent Alliance Self Help For Sickle Cell


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Great Pictures. Its great to see such activism. Being in Australia, we only have the Nimbin Hemp Embassy acting as a voice in the matters that seem to be so prevalent in hte United States.
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