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Would like to get my grow journal renamed if possible please...


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Hey 420! Been working hard on keeping my grow journal up to date, and the only thing I cant seem to do is RENAME my grow journal, if a mod or someone with the capabilities of doing so, could change my journals name, i would be ecstatic!

Currently my journals title is

Rebound Indoor Grow! Big Bud and Deep Grapefruit!

And since I started the thread, all of the big buds were a failure, and the deep grapefruit died.

So now I believe:

Lebowskii and Schmokem's Perpetual Indoor Grow: 400w Veg 1000w Flower

would do the thread justice. Appreciate the help.


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Took care of the thread title edit for you, per your request. Your signature link still works, and you can find the Journal here:

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how would I do the same? I have a journal named " Arjan's Haze #1 "

what it should be is " Hawaiian Snow - Organic - Soil "

dazed and confuzed...help !!! please. :Namaste:
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