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Would this be considered heat stress?


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Heya Noobienot, thx again for replying, thx again for the advice.

what i meant was that outside i never get issues, other than a bug or 2, my problem is indoor growing.

Here are some pics i promised. any opinions are valued.

almost 2 months old automatic plants,

Mexican Airlines | Northern Lights
Auto Ultimate | Haze XXL


20181228_223651 - Copy.jpg20181228_223655 - Copy.jpg20181228_223659 - Copy.jpg20181228_223707 - Copy.jpg


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what are these plants growing in soil or coco?, if it is coco then you have a phosphorus and calcium problem, give them a feed of calmag and nutes of about 300 ppm and a ph of 5.8 in 1 gallon of water once every day , till you see a improvement , I cannot stress how important 5.8 ph for coco and 1 gallon per pot let it run off ,and 6.2 for soil .coco needs feeding every day at least once and soil only when the pots have dried out do you feed.
In soil the top 2 inches of the pot must be dry before you feed , then give them a good soaking you always want a good heavy run off , I find 1 gallon per plant works for me, what kind of pots are they in, roots need lots of air , I use cloth pots because the pots breath (allow air to get to the roots or plastic pots with LOTS of holes )The brown spots on picture #2is ph spotting . your ph is wrong and the yellowing is a nute deficiency because the ph is wrong (the nutes may be there but the plant can't drink them because the ph is wrong.PH IS 5.8 FOR COCO AND 6.2 FOR SOIL , IT WORKS !!


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nice, good info. it's soil, light mix from biobizz. atm i am cleaning the roots from a possible lockout, and will add nute today after 7 days of no nutes aprox. i have a question, biobizz products are for every feeding of the plant? or i go one with water and one with biobizz, obviously taking care of runoff.

your plants look really nice, what are they?


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Hello , crown royal from crop king seeds , and yes nutes with every watering and ph at 6.2 , keep the nutes low and if they yellow increase the nutes and watch the new growth for signs of yellowing, old leaves don't repair themselves , and calmag with every watering .I don't recommend flushing in flower ,only just before they are to be harvest to remove some of the chemicals. flushing only stresses a plant, just keep the 6.2 ph feeding schedule I gave you and the plants will come back , every time you feed this will wash the old nutes out and salts and replace them, just make sure you have a good amount of runoff. having a ph problem in flower is hard to fix as you don't have a lot of time to do so before they finish .this is why I no longer do soil grows -coco is a lot faster to respond to a nute problem or a ph problem it can usually be repaired in 1-2 days as you are feeding every day and it doesn't hold nutes like soil does , soil is like a sponge .
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