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Would You Invest Your Money in Medical Marijuana?

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Would you invest in a medical-marijuana company if you thought its profits would grow like, um, a weed?

As the WSJ reports, the industry is expanding as more states decriminalize the use of pot to treat pain, MS-related muscle spasms and other conditions. And that's attracting private investors and raising the possibility of public offerings.

Most of this action is happening in Colorado and California, the states with the biggest medical-marijuana markets. Among the deals in the hopper, according to the paper: a seed supplier has raised $500,000 in a private financing round and hydroponic-equipment supplier GrowOp Technology and medical-marijuana vending-machine company Medicine Dispensing Systems are each planning IPOs this year. (General Cannabis, with subsidiaries including a marijuana-dispensary website and a dispensary-management business, is already public.)

Meantime, there are plans to launch a hedge fund, called Kaneabis, to invest in the medical-cannabis industry, the WSJ reports.

That said, there are obstacles to attracting investment – namely the fact that the drug is illegal under federal law. And, of course, there will have to be the potential for profits to attract investors.

Would you park part of your 401(k) in pot?

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Julie Gardener

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It should be a free enterprise for those who want to participate in investing. I agree with Papa gator that I wouldn't want to see the home-grown op lose out. I too would like to garden. I think there is a place for both and everyone can be happy in their pursuit of happiness. :1:

So would I...Hmmm, I may do it to fund the mission of Cannabis Awareness and freeing the plant...that is more important to me than making profits to overindulge in.

Propa Gator

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I don't see any chance of success by investing in a large grow-op. I can think of no existing big business that would benefit, only be harmed by the competition. All will rally to bring it down, as they do even now.
Profit bleeding is another sure thing; CEOs will be CEOs and require at least 10 million per year compensation for their immense talent and personal sacrifice. Every elected official will need greasing. Cops too, all need to be bribed as well. Prices will be very high, but quality won't have to be as this op would work as a monopoly.
Just another big crooked business to join the queue up our anuses.

Grow your own, or buy from a friend who does.
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