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Would you like a bowl or a bong?


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Me...I love bong hits. But I did own a beatiful double blown glass piece. It recently broke...:11:

So...um yeah, I was just wondering which one everyone prefers?
Feel free to add to the list...joints, blunts...etc

:kiss:Love me or hate me...I'm still an obsession:kiss:



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Oh.. I can add to the list.. Well apart bongs, my heart is set on joints. Its the most common method I smoke, it's usually the easiest since you can pretty much smoke it anywhere and no traces are left behind. The last thing I want to do is start carrying my roor around. That baby stays at home.

Blunts are great too. I'm a wrap fan since I don't like cutting and gutting. I usually reserve blunts for when we're 3+ people blazing.


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blunts blunts blunts all day... no evidence after the smoke... easy to rip huge... and when smoking wit amateurs if they happend to "lip" the blunt it's easily fixed as compared to a joint.. someone slobbers all over that your screwed... I love a good personal rillo to start off the day


^^ I HEAR you boss, but thats why i smoke joints like a mad man when i'm by myself. Just hit hit hit hit hit hit hit untill i can't hit it anymore and then put it out, about halfway through.

I like nice small pipe bowls, to smoke, just enough so it burns it all away nicely.


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bong hits get me really ripped but i dont currently own a bong, i do own a nice glass pipe and i prefer that for my personal use..and when im not using that i roll a j.


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Although I prefer the effect of the bong, I much prefer the convenience of my lil' glass bowl for everyday use. Never been much of a joint fan, although if I'm smoking outside or somewhere other than home, I usually roll joints. :smoke2:


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I switch it up all the time. I even do the vaporizer thingamabobber. I normally smoke Js or use my dugout cause I am usually on the move but I love bong rips and blunts.
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I go between my steamroller and my bong, but mostly my bong when I'm at home because I love it.


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I love taking some bong hits :bong:, especially gravity bongs Mmmmm...
Besides that I have a trusy dugout that helps not only conserve my bud but I get a nice, fresh, green hit everytime :smokin:

The only reason why I like smoking blunts is for the shotguns...love me some good guns

I've never been very fond of joints, as I rarely get high off of them. I'm not a bad roller of either blunts/joints...but can't seem to hit J's right.

Love the replies!!


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Any waterpipe, bowl, or joint will do, just as long as it's filled with something good. :rasta:


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don't know but if eating it is an option then I went with that but I really liked wooden pipes when they are brand new using a heat-gun instead of open flame it always gave clean tasty monster hits :)
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