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Would you recommend having the exhaust from tent with filter in your room?


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I have the 32x32 tent with the ac infinity 6" fan with ac infinity carbon filter in the closet in the bedroom and I leave the door to the closet open to keep the temperature lower in the tent and the exhaust from the tent just runs up out of the top of the tent. I put the carbon filter on the fan today and I now can notice a different smell in the bedroom that smells like air that was run through the carbon filter on there.

That is ok right? Is there any reason that breathing that carbon filter exhaust air from the tent for hours overnight would have any problems from it? It may be a silly question but want to make sure it is safe to do on there.


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It's a great idea to blow the new carbon filter out before installing it. That way, the exhaust fan won't have to "eat" any fine carbon media dust that might be present in the filter due to the compacting process (and/or bumps during shipment).
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