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Writing A Marijuana Script?


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Hello all my names Jeremy or some just call me J and Im coming to this website as a new user of this forum but not as a new user of marijuana.

I have been working with and advancing my own skills in digital animation for the past 5 years and am currently majoring in digital design at the University of Cincinnati.

I really want to take a story related to marijuana of course...and animate a feature length story...going the full 9 yards with the production process.

I just have one small problem...I dont have a story I deem worthy enough to devote all this time and missed homework too.

Im asking anyone out there who wants to tell a funny or serious, sad or happy, inspiring or depressing, meaningful story to email me their idea...If your idea strikes that chord in my heart that makes me say wow I will contact you further and buy the rights to your story...Make sure its marijuana related!

Send me some ideas! LETS GET YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY TOLD TOGETHER! One idea to build on would be how you view the use of marijuana and how that could be expanded into symbolic or realistic story....

Lets hear what you got.

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