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WR's Cannabalm

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WR’s Cannabalm (anti-cancer) Ocean of Lotion​
By: Bon Soliel, WR​

All who have tried this on burns and other skin irritations will attest to it’s effectiveness.The first part is a version I created using Emu oil,it is an aromatic light oil(like suntan oil) the second portion describes how to turn the oil or any Cannabis oil (recomended; jojoba, hemp, olive, almond, etc) or fat (ghee, emu, lard) into a smooth lotion which can be scented and ingredients such as Vit E can be added (as well as other good skin herbs such as aloe):

First The Emu Prep

The Emu oil is important due to it’s ability to penetrate the skin fully. And yes, I have a special batch of emu goo mixed with tiger balm it tis da Bomb (pun intended).

I took 1L emu oil and infused 140g resinous leaf and small bud in a double
boiler with 1 pt of anhydrous isopropanol for 1 hr and filtered. Then added 2cups STRONG tincture of cannabis, 1cup olive oil, 1oz patchouli oil (smells good) and 1 tblspoon of lecithin disolved in 1/2 cup tincture of calendula. Yeild 1.5l greenish lotion type oil with a pleasent yet green aroma.

First trial 2 tablespoons rubbed vigorously over pulled shoulder and collar bone
region (pectoral, neck, shoulder, deltoid, right side only).
First notice a mild waming in region, also stiffness seems less in my hands in the first 15 minutes after 30 minutes feel a very comfortable “glow”, almost opioid, spreading from the region of application. Whole region feels loose andcomfortable, especially the region where the dr’s split my collarbones for heart surgery, this area has never completly recovered from the operation and gives me alot of pain when I do stenuous activity (wood splitting, overhead work). So far at 45 mins post application this area seems to be much relieved. Also this lotion is pleasant to the skin and seems to penetrate very well as my skin does not feel “greasy” at all.I have several samples prepared to give to several joint pain sufferers to try. I will post their responses as they comment, but so far this is the best topical delivery I’ve come up with to date and will persue this avenue of harm reduction for arthritic users. I think there are other substances that could speed absorption. Also the slightly green aroma could be worked with but all in all I call the Emu oil delivery an astounding success when compared with the many other fats and oils I’ve used in the past. (first posted 9/6/2001)

Next i will outline how to take a basic Cannabis oil or fat and turn into a smooth creamy lotion;


24.0 oz distilled H2O
4.0oz strong cannabis oil or fat
1.2oz emusifying wax
1.2oz cosmetic grade stearic acid
1.0oz liquid vegetable glycerin
.3oz germaben (a natural preservative necesarry to prevent spoilage/rancidity)
.3oz essential oil of your preference (remember the smell your already working with and try to compliment it)
For a cooling sunburn lotion menthol crystals can be added in place of/with the essential oils


Heat all ingredients in a double boiler until melted then whisk until creamy.Add the last two ingredients and whisk thoroughly.
Pour whil warm into bottles.
Makes aproximately 32oz.
All ingredients except the cannabis (and the emu oil and ghee) can be found at GloryBee.com

Note By J.G. on Emu oil: I highly recommend using this Emu oil due to some of its known properties which are: Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin regenerative, high in oleic acid (oleic acid has better skin-penetrating qualities than vegetable oils), moisturizing, doesn't clog pores, penetrates through several layers of skin. It is trans-dermal and penetrates several layers of the skin easily. I have purchased my Emu Oil through Camdengrey.com. I also was able to compile lots of information and learned so much about all the different oils from this site as well as all the other products. Very informative information for anyone interested in learning more. It's a good reference site as well as their prices are fairly competitive.

Be well and be informed...:Namaste:
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This sounds perfect for me. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have had four knee surgeries for various injuries. I just might have to try this. Thanks for sharing.


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Very Big THANKS for taking the time to create this thread. I have been thinking about this kinda thing for a while. I know there will be alot of folks helped by this and look fwd. to seeing the things that can be done with the cannabis plant in the future.With the receptors in our body I know that it is our companion plant
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