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WW Autos Super Hempy - LED - HPS - Miracle Grow Experiment

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What's up, fellow growers.

Here is what I got going this time as my other grow is about finished. Day 45 of flower on that one. You can check it here.

This time around, I will be trying a few things.

Once they are in veg stage, out of seedling stage, I will be feeding one auto with Miracle Grow Tomato food, 1/4th strength every 10 days, and water inbetween.

The other I will feed with general hydroponics and calmag.

Critical, I will feed with gh, and additives. drip clean, calmag, etc.

The rest I plan to grow outside if I can find a place in time. They will be fed GH or other stuff. Will see.

I plan to get a 600w HPS for the critical.

1. 2 White Widow autos in Super Hempy style. They are in bottom feeding pots, that have a res at the bottom. The res has a + shape with holes that lets perlite fall into. However, around that is just water, which I have an air stone in to keep it oxygenated. This is the difference between what I call Super Hempy and Hempy. It is sort of incorporating dwc.

They are growing in 90% perlite and 10% charcoal by Black Gold. Charcoal is supposed to make it sweet.

While they are seedlings I am feeding VF11 and Jobe's Organics Vegetable and Tomato. I use the later mainly for the beneficials it has, and it has tons.

The autos will remain in these pots. They are grown from seed.


2. Critical and Purple Haze are growing in 5 gal pots, 50% coco - 50% perlite. I will trasfer the Critical to this huge planter, super-air-hempy. It is my own design. I will show you it soon. Grown from seed.

3. Lady black. She or he is the one in the jiffy pots that the roots can grow out of, then they are sitting on top of a plastic up hempy hole with an air hose in the res. Only water in the cup, so when the roots grow down, it will be like a mini dwc. It is in 50 coco 50 perlite. I am only keeping it in this pot until I sex it. If male, it gets thrown out. Grown from seed (black domina x lady flower kush)

I have another stunted plant, a purple haze, no pics right now. It will not get more than a foot tall. It will go outside. I have a mendo purp that was almost student. Not sure how big it will get. I didn't stunt them. The cloner did. I only bought them because it was a 2 for $20 buck sale. I figured, what the hell, I will see what I can do with them.

My general hydroponics feeding will go.

Drip clean for every feeding and PH will be 6.0-6.4

1. Base nutes
2. Calmag+
3. additives like flora blend or liquid seaweed, or jobes, b1, superthrive, hygrozyme, etc
4. calmag +



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Age (1 month from planting seed)

3 weeks old from sprouting

I am guessing at the age as I forgot to write down the date I planted, but I remember it was soon after I planted seeds for my brother in law.

I planted these not long after I planted the Lady Blacks for my brother in law (also card holder) so I think I planted around the 9th of last month. So from seed to now, it has been about a month.

They should get pretty big in the next month before I place them in the tent, then let the others veg for two more weeks after that and out side they go.


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You sound like me in the record keeping department..just now learn to keep lables on my plants...before veg time was over..i had a lot of unknowns..:3:...i was looking at some of those self-watering pots yesterday..they ok ???...i was just reading up on a strain call Black...the buds are real dark... purple like...is that your Lady Black ??...all your babies look good:goodjob:...stay focus..

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Miwa, thanks for stopping by. I like the bottom feeding pots, but don't work as well without the air stone.

Lady Black is the name me and my brother in law gave Black Domina x Lady Flower Kush. It should be a good strain, but it is an f1, so who knows.

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Marking today march 9 as the first day of veg.

They are three weeks old.

I have been watering every day, so I will not be updating with water days for right now. I pretty much water with just vf11 and carbon filtered water. I add a little calmag+ here and there, and a few times I watered with Jobees Organics for all the beneficial bacterias and extras.

I only water with 200-300ppm. I only recently started to water with nutes, though vf11. It is hard to burn with vf11 even if you go over board with it.

The critical I watered with general hydroponics 3 part series today. only 280ppm, though. I keep it low until they show signs of wanting more.

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Photo Update

Veg day 1


The Critical and Purple Haze are much larger now too. I should have taken photos of them. I will next photo update.

The auto on the right is growing weirdly. Three leaves on one side and one on the other, instead of uniformly with one leaf north, south, east, and west. Hopefully, it doesn't give me shit.

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I haven't tried auto pounder. I don't like the 80 day thing, although my ww autos take like 75, but are stoney. The pounder is I guess not a super stoney strain.

Check out auto biodeisel. 60-70 days, up t0 400g m2, just slightly less than auto pounder, but more stoney, and finishes faster.

Royal Queen Northern Lights auto, 60-75 days, 90-200 grams per plant.

What about advanced auto blue diesel --

Genetic: Auto Biodiesel Mass x Auto Blueberry
Yield: 300 - 350 grs/m2
THC: 16%
Indoor height: From 50 to 85 cm
Outdoor height: From 75 to 120 cm
Indoor flowering period: From 55 to 60 days.
Harvest: From April to November.

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No prob Miwa.

Girls are looking healthy, nice and green, bushy, short nodes do to the t5s. Even the sativa, Purple Haze that grows tall is staying pretty short, but I had to top her to keep the t5 even. She was growing into the light. I also topped the critical because of how I plan to train her in a screen.

I topped the Lady Black because she was getting tall. The autos are staying very short and bushy. Can't wait to get them under the now air cooled 400w hps.

I will be picking up a 600w soon, hopefully.

I will try to get some pictures to show their progress. They are growing fast. VF11 seems great so far for seedlings and now veglings.

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Update video.
New Grow Update Critical, White Widow Autos, air hempy grow - YouTube
I think I know what the problem is with that one auto. Well, first, it is the one that grew retardedly, with three leaves on one side, and one on the other. I had a feeling it would cause me troubles.

So far, both autos had the exact same feeding, same pots, same everything but now under different lights. Anyway, when they were both under the t5h0 still, the retarded auto started to show signs of lockout, like it isn't accessing nitrogen or something.

The only thing I can think of is that it's more sensitive as it grew stupidly from the get go. I think the reason is the ph because I wasn't displacing enough water in the bottom to really change the ph. If I feed it with a ph of 6.3 or so, but it still has water in it that has moved up to 7.4, as that is what ph does, then the water in the bottom mixes between 6.3 and 7.4, and thus never goes down very far at all.

So, I displaced enough water when I last watered to get the ph in the res/bottom to read 6.4 or so. With the dropper test, the blue drops, it was still yellow, with just a bit of green, but almost totally yellow.

The Ph rises pretty quickly though back to a green to green blue.

So I will have to start watering every day, I think.
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