Wyrman's First Grow Attempt


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OK here goes nothin'
Bag seeds finally popped their heads up and are about 3 days old.

Strain is unknown.
Veg state for 3 days.
In homemade grow box-app.3' x 2' x 20 inches deep.
Soil is- Expert potting soil- 0.07-0.01-0.03
7 plants under 450 watts of CFL
5280 lumens of 6500k with 2200 lumens of 2700k
Small exhaust fan with homemade carbon filter
Temp.- 70-74 Degrees farenheit
R.H.- 30- 40%
PH has been around 6- 6.5
Watered one time with a couple drops of superthrive mixed in a 1 gallon jug
( my GF will use the rest of this for her houseplants)
Been using tap water that is aerated to rid the chlorine- ph of 6
Water is going into feeder tray bottom so the roots will reach for it( a couple of roots are already coming out the bottom of the starter cups)
I have FF 3part for later.
Pics to follow,hopefully:thanks:


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What's growing in the first pic next to seedlings?
Id recommend not using superthrive on the again until the cotyledons(the smooth oval non serrated leaves at the base) have yellowed and shriveled the.cotyledons provide all.the plant will need its first few weeks.
Looks pretty good otherwise man. Welcome to the site .subbed repped, and waiting for nugs lol.


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Hey everybody! My babies are 1 week old today and they seem to be doing fine. Got my new LED fixture in place (100 watt x 2 ),3 watt leds very colorful , lol. 11 spectrums, My new cabinet isn't here yet, but soon I hope .All I'm doing is watering a little bit when they feel dry, still putting water in planter base so the roots have to reach for it. Pics if I can remember how to do it:Namaste:


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Doing good myman wyman. That sounds good lol.
For a first time you look like your off to a great start.
That seed you popped hope it's a girl cause that sounds like some tropical
Goodness. Cheers and plus reps. Any ? Fire away and the fellow peeps here will
Help you out.

fish cake

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hey brother just saw you checkin me so now I am checkin you. looks like a good start:)
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