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Xave's Delicious Seeds Candy Feminised Indoor Grow


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Hey everybody I decided to make a 2nd journal for this little girl she is doing good and am ready to transplant her into a 3 or 4 gallon pot. I am going to use Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil mixed with Pro Mix BX to transplant into.

my lighting is a 150 watt hps and many many cfl bulbs lol.

my nutrients I will be using is Botanicare organic pro grow and pro bloom nutrients along with advanced sensi cal/mag.

anyone is welcome to pull up a chair for this grow! thanks.

this is her before the transplant I am going to do



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good day everyone. here are a couple pics after a transplant to a 4 gallon pot. still vegging maybe for another 3 weeks. I hope I don't have to transplant again to flower. id like to stay in this pot as it will be very hard to do I think..


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Sign me up too Xave, this little one is going to be worthy of her own journal. Good luck with the rest of veg. It looks like it's got lots of space, only time will tell.

KiG :green_heart:cheers


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welcome snid, yea I was looking at that too its got a lot of room for it to expand into the new pot. if I want to keep it in this pot when should I switch her into flower u think?


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subbed... I have one of these I planted today that came free with a Herbies order. What date did you plant this? Just trying to gauge how long mine will take!


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hey welcome bince I am sure a lot of growers may have this seed as it is a freebie with orders. it is one good looking strain that is why I am giving it a go! I wanna say that she is right under a month old as I transplanted a couple weeks after she sprouted from a smaller contatiner

welcome catnip here is info on the strain I am growing:

Delicious Candy Feminised Seeds Specs

Genetics Caramelo x Cheese
Type 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Flowering Time 55-65 Days
Harvest Month Late September
THC Content 20%
Yield Indoor: 450-550 gr/m2 Outdoor: Up To 1000 gr/m2
Taste Acrid Backnote, Like Yeast Or Cheese, With Hints Of Liquorice And Caramel
Effect Narcotic Body High
Grows Indoors/Outdoors
Resistance To Mold Very High
Pest Resistance High
Smell Cheese

Delicious Candy Feminised Seeds Info

Formerly known as Cheese Candy

To develop Delicious Candy we crossed two of the best commercial genetics: Cheese, a unique female derived from SKUNK x KUSH which first appeared 1988-89 and which was cultivated somewhere in the Chiltern Hills by the squatter collective known as Exodus that was central to UK cannabis-related activity throughout the 90s. Its other parent is our own Caramelo, which is a spectacular selection of the best exotic LAVENDER Indica and Sativa phenotypes (SUPER SKUNK – BIG SKUNK KOREAN – AFGHANI-HAWAIIAN).

The result is an explosive strain on a number of different levels. The plants produce large branches with a large quantity of lateral shoots laden with buds. The calyx/leaf ratio is very good, making it very easy to manicure as well as keeping the buds better ventilated than other indicas with more foliage which means that it’s also more resistant to fungal diseases. The buds are covered in thousands of large glandular trichomes filled with a unique sweet cheese fragrance. The taste has an acrid backnote, like yeast or cheese, with hints of liquorice and caramel. Delicious Candy will transport you to an initial euphoric state without being too cerebral which, as the minutes pass, will become very relaxing and pleasurable. It’s very suitable for prolonged medicinal usage as its effect will enable you to get stuff done during the day although it might be a bit too narcotic for nighttime use or for states of relaxation.



here is a photo update getting a little bit bigger in veg :thumb:



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