Xave's LSD 25 Auto & Incredible Bulk Auto Indoor Grow


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Hey everyone welcome to my 3rd journal. For this grow I will be using the following stuff:

4 Gallon Pots

Growing Medium:

45% Fox Farms Ocean Forest

45% Pro Mix BX

10% added perlite throughout the mixture and thin layer will go on top

Grow Light : 600 watt HPS/ Metal Halide

some cfl's if needed

lighting schedule will be 18/6 all the way thru.

2 fans to blow fresh air in and circulate air.

I Plan to top each plant early after I see the first set of 5 point leaves. ;)

The LSD 25 germinated and seed popped open today and I planted and left in the darkness for another 12 hours next to cheese candy.

I plan to germinate incredible bulk auto tomorrow and get it planted shortly after!
hello everyone, I am having a hard time getting the seeds to sprout out of the soil still. wish me luck!

I am gonna start a white widow auto too . I have a feeling the lsd may not sprout.
You can set them in a warm environment, like 79 degrees. Seedlings like a little warmer place when they just sprout, i set mine on top of the fridge to be in warm air and sprout within a day and a half for my fems.

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yea ak I actually got the lsd to germinate but after I planted it stil has never popped the soil since... im wondering just to forget it and plant the white widow in that pot.
Incredible Bulk popped up out of the soil this morning!! and white widow has been successfully germinated. I planted her and watered. Am waiting for her to show herself next ;)

Let's make it 3, I'm hoping for a third sprout.. Unless you took out the LSD. Good luck Xave I wouldn't miss third grow, can't wait to see where this leads... Hopefully some tasty, Stinky ass buds.

KiG :green_heart:cheers
I'm in for this one! I've been eyeing incredible bulk for awhile on Herbies..your grow may help me decide to finally pull the trigger. Good Luck amigo .

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thanks sugarx I have heard good things about the yield these plants get and the quality pretty good too like 20% and higher THC

I have seen incredible bulk bud photos look pretty different from each other so I guess it depends on what soil, nutrients and light u use.

alls I know if its the real super skunk and green spirit and big bud in this strain then it will be some dank! ;) same goes for the W.W.
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