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XEnl1ghtenedx's First Grow - Single Plant - SS White Russian - DWC - 400W


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Hey everyone!
This is my first journal! I have done a few crappy soil grows and a waterfarm grow that came out so-so, but this time I think I have a shot at some pretty good results.

Strain: Serious seeds White Russian (fem)
Lighting: 400W HM/HPS
Medium: 5 gallon DWC with hydroton
Nutrients: Dyna-Gro grow, bloom, and pro-tekt

I started this journal a bit late, but now that things are getting less boring and are picking up, I figured I can contribute and help out others and get some help from the experienced members of this awesome forum.

Seedling under CFL



Moved to 400W MH

Began defoliation and FIMMED..began LST

CLose up of FIM


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Some more after defoliation


Right now my PPM's are about 830 on a .5 scale (I think). I also add about a tsp of Epsom salts per gallon because I have read this strain is prone to deficiencies and it was showing a minor mag deficiency early on. Since adding the Epsom salts, whatever was affecting my leaves stopped.

David Bowman

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