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Xj13 4 1/2 weeks into flower


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Hi everybody new to forum I just started growing about 6 mos ago here is some xj 13
I have that are 4 1/2 into flower I vegged them for 4 weeks most of them have between 4 and 6 nodes each plant

Setup 24 xj 13 plants in 3 gallon pots using 420 recipe soil on a 4x8 flood table elevated on 5 gallon buckets .light source is 3 600 watt hps lights that are cooled off using a 400 Cfm inline fan.

For nutes
Liquid karma
Sweet raw
The rock resonator
Kool bloom powder
Tiger bloom


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I'm growing XJ-13 and it's just a little behind yours but catching up quickly! They look great my friend! I'm subbed
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