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First off I want to give alot of thanks to ViparSpectar for letting me try this XS1000 light and to show what this light is. And where you can find it

Vipar web page direct link.
Or copy and paste. ViparSpectra® XS1000 120W Infrared Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301B Diodes (IR Included) & MeanWell Driver
This light did pure justice to my girls.

Now this is after 30 days . I will also. Update This on 60 and 90 depends on LST of the girls and how long I keep a few inside veg. . which will be longer on few plants. But follow along on the journal and see also.

Here are some of the details for your to check out also.

After using this light for past 30 days of vegetation in a 2x2x3 foot area. Which I have a 3&1 tent. Area designed to veg clone and so fort. . area 2x2 this light is perfect. I used many lights. Many. This one has done it's job 100% to my plants. I can't tell you . Coverage is great. Heat is low. No hot hot areas. You know what I mean. Plants love it. Look for your self. That's enough said. No chems. In 30 days . Dec 1- Jan 1

What I said too. Yep. I like the light.

I recommend this light to any grower. Truly do great light from @ViparSpectra

If you want to grow happy plants. YOU need This light. Affordable it's not bad at all. Check it out. Before you buy one. Trust me


If you like to follow the journals of the vegetation grow. Please follow.
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