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Yarddog's L.A. Confidential-Smart Pot w/Roots Organic soil-HPS-closet grow


Plant of the Month Winner - December 2011
Hi all :welcome:

I'm going to start this one off with a few words that have nothing to do with this grow. I want to applaud all of the growers here on 420 :bravo: for there diligence and hard work. I've seen some amazing plants lately, grown in all different ways. There are great things going on out there! :yummy:

And for those of you still learning, and gaining the confidence to dive into a grow...jump in! There is a ton of support here at 420 :peace:


Plant of the Month Winner - December 2011
I picked up some inspiration for the start of my new journal. This is only the second time I've medicated with Master Kush. I think I know what I'm growing next!

On to the L.A.

This is my busy time at work so unfortunately I haven't been able to log this grow as much as I would have liked.

L.A. Confidential clone from Oaksterdam.

Clone started in 2 gallon Smart Pot with Fox Farm Happy Frog.

Vegged under 2-23 watt cfls for a month. Kept small intentionally, topped 4 times. Fed General Hydroponics Flora Nova grow, and GH florablend...lightly. PH 6.6

Transplanted to a 7 gallon Smart Pot filled with Roots Organic soil.

Vegged 10 more days under 250w metal halide. Fed half GH grow and half bloom during transfer.

Grow tent with an 18" x 36" footprint, 60" tall. Hydrofarm Daystar A/C hood with 250 watt bulb, powered by a Lumitek digital ballast. I run a separate intake and exhaust for my hood with a 6" inline fan. Tent has 80 cfm of filtered intake in the bottom, a passive 1"x4" vent on top, and a 70 cfm computer fan exhaust...70 cfm is advertised lol, feels like 40.

Early flowering



Plant of the Month Winner - December 2011
Today is a little over 30 days of flower. L.A. Confidential is suppose to be early flowering, as little as 56 days. I thinks 60+ is a better target.

Flowers are dense and sticky. Odor is there but not strong.

Feeding Flora Nova grow, FloraBlend, Floralicious plus, and KoolBloom. PH 6.8



Plant of the Month Winner - December 2011
Had her out of the tent for a watering/close inspection yesterday. I've been giving full nute schedule every other watering. Noticed a little bit of spotting on some fan leaves during inspection. Look to be a calcium deficiency so I added 5 ml of GH Organic line cal mag.

Got some pics under regular light.


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