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So my homie tells me today at work they just opened a Dementia( Headshop) in town... been open for a week... he sayed they have so much glass

just thought id share... im psyched because they carry roors phxs everything you would need.... so im gonan stop in hopefully the prices on some arent outrageous


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Re: Yay!!!!

man i wish they would start moving a little northward, not that we dont have amazing glass up here in norcal (Home Blown Glass!) but itd definitely be cool to go check the dementia shops and their glass


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Re: Yay!!!!

What you trying to get a Roor or a Phx ? or anything to smoke your herb with. I bet they have some nice glass


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Re: Yay!!!!

i'm meeting with the owner of dementia this week...
i think he's going to advertise with us...
they will have thier own forum and gallery on here to display and discuss thier products...
we will offer discounts to 420 Magazine members with a print out coupon...
i was told they have like 13 stores and are just amazing...
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Re: Yay!!!!

ya i hope to get some new glass from their...

and rob that would be awesome get a nice discount and if i wanted to use it i wouldnt have to go to la area.... keep up all the hard work rob
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