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hi this is my first grow so im new but i have a box that is 1ft x 1ftx 3.5 ft an i have one 50 watt hps and one cfl in the red spectrum an one cfl in the blue spectrum an i am growin with soil and i have 8 females in 2 liter bottles. and i was worndering if any one can help me with how much pot to expect. after drying and curing


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yes thats the mesurment i m sorry i dont have a camera i want to post sum pix so u guys could help me out but im cameraless lol but the plant have small buds. already and the have been budding for 3 weeks and i had them i veg groth for tree weeks


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Oh yes. One plant can overgrow that space fast.

I imagine if you mylar the walls, LST or supercrop the one plant, it will fill the area and give you more yeild then fitting more in there.

But there are people here that know much more about micro-grows then me.
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