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Yellow after 3 days of 12


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hi all first off pics will be up soon..

Ok here is my problem

I have been vegging these 2 plants for about 6 months..
And they are huge now so i though i would flower them..

One of them i transplanted into a 5 gallon jug the other was transplanted into a 5gallon as well but 3 weeks before i put them 12/12

I used a soil called happy frog by fox farm

First time i have tried this stuff have always used fox farm Ocean Forest..

i put them into 12/12 with out feeding 3days ago.

The plants are now yellow all leaves top and bottom.
some are drying out and falling off.

What should i do to keep these suckers alive?

I think maybe K or P

should i feed them if so what.

I have fox farm nutes as well

Light is 400 watt hp
Have good flow of air in and out..

Temp is around 79 when lights on and 70 when off

Ph of water before i put into soil is 6.5-6.8

any more info needed just ask

Thanks again



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Sounds like N. Anyone else?

Oh, you know what, they may need larger pots. 6 months is a long veg, they must be large. When people have laws that give them a max of say 6 plants, they let them grow large, but put them in 3'x3' planters. I think it's one or the other, I could be wrong :)


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I have never heard of "happy frog" soil from Fox Farms, is it new? What is it's NPK rating (if any)?

What other Fox Farms nutes. do you have and have you used them? If so in what ratio and how frequently?

Sounds like a Nitrogen deficiency to me. During the initial stretch in the first weeks of 12/12 the plants use alot of Nitrogen, and the bigger the plant the more N will become essential to complete this stretch. 6 months is a hell of a long time to veg. and I am guessing these plants are monsters. Without pictures it is hard to tell if the plants are too big for your 5gal. pots. In this case they could be rootbound.
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