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Yellow clawing Bud Leaves - Emergency Harvest?

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Hello fellow growers!

This is my first post in this forum, i choose an english speaking forum because it seems like you all have greater knowlegde than the german forums.

Maybe you all are able to help me with my problem:

I have 2 GHS Jack Herer Autoflowers (looks like its a stange Pheno tho because it has grown tall and lanky). They are about 10 weeks old now. Their home is a 80cmx80cmx180cm tend with 2 LED light (90W Ufo + 180W LED Panel)

It all started about 2 weeks ago. The leaves at the middle of the plant started turning yellow and crispy. This yellowing has worked its way up the plant (the bottom is still looking green and healthy). Now it has gotten so bad that the leaves coming out of the bud are turning yellow and clawing also.

Should I start the harvisting process now to save the buds I got? Pistills are 50% red/brown and Trichs are starting to turn cloudy.

I attached a picture since it helps more than a thousand words.

Thank you all for your time and Help!



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Hello paddysmoke,

thank you for the info! I just got PH strips and will test the runoff after i water the plants again.
I fed them with a pre-mixed bloom fertelizer that a friend gave me (I know thats no good info at all) after seeing the yellowing i stopped using the nutes and only gave them plain water.

The temp in my tent is always between 25-27 c° so it might not be the heat but the intesity of the LED light?

Should I harvest now before everything goes to waste or should i let them fatten up a couple more days?


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Will do! Hope they will fatten up a bit because it should be time to harvest now (autoflower strain in week 10-11).

When its done I will post some pics of the harvested buds! Thanks again, you helped out alot!